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Fiberglass Baptistry Heaters & Acc.


    A complete self-contained thermostatically controlled water heater. Immersion parts & hanger made of stainless steel. Visual off-on switch with pilot light which indicates when heater is being energized. Completely automatic & portable with cord & plug ready for use. 6000 watt; 240 volts single phase. Requires a 220 outlet.
Model 700 Price $390.00 .

Construction Features

  1. Immersion section of unit made of Incoloy or Stainless Steel.
  2. All heat confined to the formed horizontal section for optimum heat efficiency.
  3. Cold riser extends to the top of container where control housing is located.
  4. 3-Conductor cord set with polarized plug included for easy installation & wiring at no extra charge.
  5. Adjustable vapor-proof thermostat control with temperature range off - 55°F to 115°F (± 3°).
  6. Hi-Limit cut out switch set at 125°F (±4°).
  7. Stainless steel mounting bracket also supplied for easy mounting.
  8. Pilot light & on-off switch provided, indicates desired temperature when reached & breaks circuit when element is not in use. Saves electricity - Saves money.

Model 300 Remote Operated Electric Fill Valve

    With Fill Port & Automatic Water Level Control & Automatic Heating & Low Water Cut Off Protection for Heater & Pump.


    When power is turned on, baptistry will automatically fill & turn off at proper level. Heater (& pump) automatically turn on & heat baptismal water to adjustable thermostat temperature. Heater & pump turn off. Proper water level is automatically maintained. Heater & pump are protected against abnormal low water condition.

Model 300 Price $185.00

Wall spouts of other styles can be supplied in place of the flush fill port.

Remote Operated Electric Fill Valve
Inline Filter / Skimmer

Model 200 Inline Filter / Skimmer

    This cartridge type filter skims water from the surface to filter out sediment. Washable filter insert.

Model 200 Price $85.00

Optional BaptistryWindow

Model 30 Optional Baptistry Window

    Available as an option on most baptistries, this acrylic window allows better viewing of the baptism. This is especially helpful is the baptistry is elevated above ground level. The sturdy ½” acrylic window is shipped in protective paper with silicone sealant for installation by your contractor. We recommend installing the window last, to prevent possible damage.

Model 30 Price $ 185.00

Child’s Step

Model 65 Child’s Step

    Removable step raises short children 12” for visibility. Includes toe-hold bar & suction cups for attachment.

Model 65 Price $225.00

Combination Seat / Childs Step

Childs Step
Model 75 Combination Seat / Childs Step

    Places a child at the proper height. Nonskid surface. This versatile accessory can be used as a step for children or as a seat for adults. Includes toe-hold bar & suction cups for attachment. Seat permits baptism of large adults from seated position.

Model 75 Price $205.00

Drip LandingsFiberglass Drip Landings

Model 60 Drip Landings

    Place these fiberglass landings at the top of your baptistry steps to catch dripping water from wet robes. Designed to mount at ends of baptismal pool steps for drainage. Sloped skid resistant.

Model 60 Price $175.00

Model 15 Drain, Overflow & Drain Release Unit

    A quality plumbing unit with chrome plated fittings. An easily accessible drain release lever is located on the overflow fitting. Just flip the lever to drain the fiberglass baptistry. For 1 1/2" connections. (Not installed) Model 15 Price $80.00.

Model 10 Fill Faucet

    Deck mounted, chrome plated, single valve fill faucet. Can be easily mounted at the best location on the rim. For 1/2" connections. Model 10 Price $50.00

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    The Model 10 is designed for portable baptistries only, up to 150 gallons. Easy to use with preset thermostat at 100 degrees, it will heat the water overnight to the desired temp for baptism. Just plug into a 120V household outlet (GFCI built in) (15' long cord) and lay down into the water horizontally. Very safe, all ceramic elements. Outer surface never overheats. 33" long.

    This portable immersion heater is our most economical. The heater is laid down in the portable baptistry. this unit is designed for safe easy use, but it is not fast. it will take 12-24 hrs to heat your portable baptistry. Model 10 Portable Baptistry Heater Price $ 320.00 (Shipping included)

Model 10 Portable Baptistry Heater

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"Baptistry Automatic Water System"

    A Deluxe, completely automatic remote control system provides effortless, accurate control of all fill, heat & drain functions from an attractive remote control console panel. Included in the Automatic 5000 are:

  1. Automatic Filling (Just turn switch to on)
  2. Automatic Water Level Control
  3. Automatic Thermostatic Heating
  4. Low Water Cut-off Protection for Heater & Pump
  5. Overflow & Drain Release Unit (Just turn switch to drain)
  6. Water Circulating Pump
  7. Remote Control Panel

Model 5000 Price $545.00

    All functions of this Complete Automatic Control System are operated by one 3-way "on," "off," "drain" switch. This switch can be located at any convenient location - for instance - the Pastor's study. Two 24-volt circuits are all that is required from switch to baptistry heater contractor & drain. All controls, materials, heater, etc., are supplied with complete installation & wiring instructions. Model 600 Heater is extra (See Below).

Automatic Water System


    A complete hot water generating plant with tubular element in all copper construction. Built-in thermostat, temperature range 55° - 180°, F, responds quickly & accurately to maintain predetermined temperature. Insulated galvanized steel pipe body guarantees clean & hot water for years. Elements & thermostat easily replaceable from stock should the need arise. Available in two sizes. (Not installed)

    For the ideal heating system we recommend one 5,500 watt heater with one 310 heater installation kit ($60.00) & one Model 320 recirculation pump ($160.00) for a more uniform distribution of warm water (35° temp. rise in 12 hours.) Model 650 Heater System. (This includes all three)    Price $535.00

6,000 watt, 240 volt,single phase Model 600 Price       $315.00
11,500 watt, 240 volt, single phase Model 1200 Price $475.00


    Consists of chrome plated brass flanges, gaskets & all hardware to install this heater on any fiberglass baptistry wall with a thickness not over 1/2", Model 310. IMPORTANT - Block under heater to support weight in order to help prevent leakage of fiberglass baptistry wall fittings.


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